Polly Kemp and her children (Christopher, Stephen, John and Sarah) were emancipated in 1843 by Andrew Johnston, executor of Robert Johnston. The connection, if any, between the Johnstons and the Harrisons of Berkeley is unknown. The deed describes the grantor as “late of the City of Richmond,” but at the time of the making of the deeds a resident of Adams County, Illinois. Polly is described in the deed of emancipation as POLLY BURGESS before her marriage to STEPHEN KEMP, a slave belonging to Isaac Davenport of the City of Richmond. The Inventory of Benjamin Harrison V, Signer of the Declaration of Independence lists two slaves by the name Polly Burges, so a connection to Berkeley seems apparent. Christopher Kemp is described in the deed as between fifteen and sixteen years old, not well grown, a dark mulato, one arm injured, with large front teeth. The deed further states that Christopher and his brother Stephen “appear to have been remarkably well brought up.” Charles City County Deed Book 9, pp 314-16. Christopher Kemp was a member of the First African Baptist Church and was dismissed by letter 03 JUNE 1849, when he left the state. First African Baptist Church Minutes, microfilm copy Library of Virginia. See Polly Kemp for additional family history.