Live in a garden spot

Some residents refer to Charles City as “the garden spot of the universe.” Needless-to-say they consider it a great place to live. Most of the county is undeveloped, and the population numbers about 7,000 residents. The courthouse area constitutes the county center. Schools, government offices, libraries, a bank, doctor’s office and post office are all located there. Four country stores sell food and gas. The Roxbury Industrial Park is home to a number of small and medium-sized businesses.

Community Organizations

County residents join together in a variety of organizations to help, to recreate and to share.  Please join us!

Houses Of Worship

Our doors are open, and we welcome visitors.

Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks & Recreation maintains four parks and two recreational facilities.  It offers a wide range of programs for young people and adults.  Department offices are located at the Social Center, 8320 Ruthville Road.  Call 804) 652-1601 for current information on classes and programs.  Pets are not allowed in any county parks or recreational facilities.


Government Offices

County Calendar