At the turn of the century, Aaron Hilton was described as a Charles City landmark and authority on the care of sheep whose advice was sought by neighboring farmers on all occations. The account also states that he followed his young master Robert Selden through the Civil War and that he had “an air about him which suggests his early associations with gentlemen of culture. Anonymous, “The Planter’s Pride in his Slaves,” Vol. XXIII, No. 4, April 1915, pp 225-26, William and Mary Quarterly (First Series). Dr. Selden owned Kittiewan Plantation which is a neighbor to Weyanoke Plantation where Hilton probably was born and spent his early years. His house site is on the National Register of Archeological Landmarks. Katherine E. Harbury & Robert L. Jolley, Archeological Investigations at the Hilton Site (44CC356), (1995) Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources. An infant AARON HILTON, owned by Dr. Minge of Upper Weyanoke (probably the same man) was baptised 04 Feb. 1838 at Weyanoke. Westover Vestry Book and Register.