Member Charles City Baptist Church enrolled before 1810.. The Book of Ye Records of the Baptist Church in Charles City Begun The First Satureday in September 1792, unpublished typescript Jacquelin G. Pomeroy, Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. This name appears to come from an Englishman indentured to serve Col. Edward Hill. The English John Roc, whose name is sometimes spelled Roch, Rock and Roach, also used the alias Royston or Royster. He was an auditory witness to a nuncupative will of George Harris on 24 MAR 1672. British Public Records Office. John Roc/Roach is also described in an extraneous essay at the back of the Charles City Militia Book which explains that during the period of his indenture he cohabited with a free negro woman and had children by her who took his name. After his indenture he married a woman named Royster who had also been indentured to Col Hill. Charles City Militia Book, Library of Virignia, Archives.