According to a family history written by his son, Emanuel Quivers was named John Emanuel Quivers and was born 17 MAY 1814, the youngest of five children born to Jonathan and Sarah Quivers slaves at Harrison’s Landing. Quivers Family Notes, typescript photocopy, Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. Emanuel Quivers has been the subject of scholarly writing because he persuaded Joseph Reed Anderson of Tredigar to purchase him from the Harrison estate under an arrangement whereby Quivers earned wages that were paid into an account to buy his freedom. See Kathleen Bruce, Virginia Iron Manufacture in the Slave Era (New York: The Century Co.: 1931). Quivers also purchased the freedom of his wife. As the final step in earning his freedom Quivers was sent to Califronia with Anderson’s business partner as a mechanic for a large engine destined for the Fremont Gold mine. Quivers obituary states that while employed at Tredigar he was commissioned by Anderson to obtain an important secret in the iron puddling process from the Welsh iron workers which he was able to do because he was a “well-bred man” and was able to associate with them and ellicit the secret when ther “were in their cups.” If this account is accurate Quivers may have been the key that allowed Anderson to fire the Welsh workers when they went out on strike and to convert Tredigar entirely to slave labor. The family history claims that Sarah Quivers was a full sister of Pres. William Henry Harrison and that her children were not slaves. This account is contradicted by documentary evidence. However