Articles of Agreement for the sharecropping of Weyanoke Farm were executed between seven freedmen and Fielding Douthat 07 MAR 1866, and approved by the local agent of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Among the freedmen were Charlotte Page and her husband William. Original, National Archives, photocopy Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. This appears to be the same Charlotte Page who died 10 JUL 1874 at the age of 40 or 41 at Sellwood. Her death was reported by W. H. Clopton the owner of Sellwood. Charles City County Register of Deaths 1853-1896. In the same year (12 SEP 1874) , Walter Page, a 12 month old son of W & Charlotte Page died of worms at Sellwood. His death was also reported by W. H. Clopton. Charles City County Register of Deaths 1853 – 1986.