Sarah Hulett Christian was a sister of Martin Hulett and Siah Hulett Carter. She was married to Edward “Ned” Christian with who she had five children (Robert, Molly, Jacob, Alice and Lillian) born at Shirley Plantation. Family Bible Record, Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. The family Bible record lists her birth as 09 MAY 1829. She was listed as a person dependent on government rations at Fort Monroe, Va. For records on indigent freedmen see Elizabeth Cann Kambourian, comp. & ed., The Freedmen Bureau in Virginia, Names of the Destitute Freedmen Dependent Upon the Government in the Military Districts of Virginia (Heritage Books:Bowie, MD: 1997); Carolyn Hardin Goudie, “Downey Farm List of Indigent Freedmen,” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, vol. 35, no. 1, pg. 13 (winter: 1997). She was also an affiant in her sister-in-laws widows pension application. U.S. Navy Survivors #4542.