Siah Hulett Carter was a son of John Hulett and Molly Saunders and a brother (or half brother) of Martin and Sarah Hulett. At the end of the Civil War he married Eliza Tarrer, another Shirley Plantation slave. When Siah was enlisted in the U. S. Navy 19 MAY 1862 aboard the Monitor he was given the name Siah Carter. For the remainder of his life Siah used the last name Carter while his wife called herself Mrs. Hulett. Siah Carter received a military pension and following his death when his widow tried to obtain widow’s benefits she had to prove that the man she buried as Siah Hulett was the same man as Siah Carter. The pension file includes affidavits of several former Shirley slaves. Navy Survivor’s #4542. When enlisted Siah was described as 24 years old