Horace Goldman and his wife Eliza have been linked to Teddington based on the fact that both were born in Essex County and were married at Sandy Point were other slaves with the same surname (Goulman) and birthplace have been identified. Horace Goldman, a 40 year-old, single male laborer, born in Essex County was married 30 OCT 1869 at Sandy Point by John Smith to Eliza Harwood. Note – this name could be HOWARD and Eliza could be ELIZA HOWARD listed in this register as the mother of a daughter named Margaret. Charles City County Marriage Book 2, 7, 4. Horace was the son of John and Rachel Goldman. Eliza Harwood was a 30 year-old single female, born in Essex County who was the daughter of Osley Harwood. When the family appears in the 1870 Census of Charles City County the name appears as Golden.