Articles of Agreement for share cropping of land were executed between John C. Wilson and Scott Black and John C. Wilson on 04 AUG 1866 and approved by the local representative of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Original, National Archives, photocopy Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. Scott is listed in lot # 1 which was drawn by John C. Wilson of slaves belonging to Josiah C. Wilson dated 21 FEB 1863. In the listing Scott is valued at $900. Charles City County Chancery Case 1868-0080. The notation “Scott Black wants Lease to the freedman” is written on a document in the Freedmen’s Bureau local records in which John C. Wilson “loaned to the freedmen of the lower end of the county the land on which “Mt. Zion formerly stood” for the purposes of building a church.” Original National Archives