Randolph was the husband of Lucy and the father of William and Randolph, Jr.. Randolph Black died at Sherwood Forest and his death was reported by D. Gardner Tyler. The death register identifies him as a son of Douglass Black. Charles City County Death Register APR 1875. He appears to be the slave named Randolph in the inventory ofJohn Minge for slaves at Creek Plantation which Tyler purchased from Collier Minge and which became a part of Sherwood Forest. In the inventory Randolph is listed as a blacksmith and valued at $650. Charles City Will Book no. 3, pg.341. He also appears to John Tyler’s miller Randal who is named in a Grand Jury Presentment charging free Negro James Brown from illegally purchasing three bushels of Indian corn from him. Commonwealth v. Brown, Grand Jury Presentment November 1859, Charles City County Records, Library of Virginia Archives, Ended Causes, Box 13, BC#1044799.