Listed as a person dependent on government rations at Fort Monroe, Va. Mother of Ellen, Joseph, Mary and Thadious. Eliza was the personal maid and seamstress for Julia Gardner Tyler. Her escape during the war with five children is detailed in an undated letter to the Commanding Officer of U.S. Forces at Jamestown Island that was never sent. For records on indigent freedmen see Elizabeth Cann Kambourian, comp. & ed., The Freedmen’s Bureau in Virginia, Names of the Destitute Freedmen Dependent Upon the Government in the Military Districts of Virginia (Heritage Books:Bowie, MD: 1997); Carolyn Hardin Goudie, “Downey Farm List of Indigent Freedmen,” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, vol. 35, no. 1, pg. 13 (winter: 1997).