Died in 1858 at the age of 88. Charles City County Register of Deaths 1853-1896. Judge George L. Christia n, in a lecture given at Charles City Courthouse, reminisced about Revolutionary War characters and mentioned “Uncle Billy Bashops” who belonged to Willcox. Lecture, Charles city: Some of its Noted Places and People and Personal Recollecitons of Some of These, delivered at Charles City Courthouse, June 24, 1910, by Hon. Goerge L. Christian, of Richmond, a native of Charles City, p.21. Christian stated that Bashop used to say that he remembered Gen. Washington well and that he was either Gen. Washington’s or some other general’s body servant. If the death register is correct Bashop would not have been old enough to serve in the war. Possibly Christian confused Bashop with William Thomas