Lutisha was a slave owned by Allen Bradley. Her first three children were fathered by Allen Bradley. According to family oral tradition, Allen Bradley objected to the children being called by the name Bradley. Instead they were given the name Allen. These children were named Mary Liza, Samuel and James. During her enslavement she also had children by Henry Crew, who may or may not have been a slave owned by Allen Bradley. Her children, however, would have been Bradley slaves. The children by Henry Crew were John Henry, Maria Ann, Peter, Cornelius, Benjamin F. and Letitia. Family History written by Lillian Robb Jones, Charles City County Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History Archives. Lutishia also had a son who died at birth or soon after whose death was reported by Allen Bradley. Lutisha was born ca 1813 and died 20 FEB 1896. Charles City County Register of Deaths 1853-1896.