A native of James City Co who was engaged before the war under Lord DUNMORE to subdue the Indians; enlisted early on in Bedford Co under Capt. John BARD; marched to Savannah; then marched north under Capt. Alexander CUMMINGS; joined the Grand Army under Gen. WASHINGTON at While Plains; belonged to 1st Virginia Regiment under Col. PARKER; was sick at Valley Forge; he was in the Battle of Monmouth and at the Siege of York; he was to have received a bounty of $150 and 150 acres and his prior agent John M. GREGORY never obtained his land; Joseph VAIDEN acted as his agent to secure the land bounty; died 1835 and certified as Revolutionary War solder, heirs at law were John WALLACE and Sally ADAMS, a widow. In court records of 20 SEP 1855 he is certified as dying intestate with two children: Sallie WALLACE (now widow of Pleasant SMITH) and John WALLACE (died intestate leaving Nancy WALLACE, only heir who since married Cornelius SMITH).