Aged in his 60s filed two pension applications, May 1818 and May 1821 (differ a bit in content); enlisted at Charles City in Spring of 1777 (Jan. 1778); marched to Williamsburg; March of 1778 marched to Valley Forge under Lt. Holman MINNIS and there entered company commanded by Capt. Callohill MINNIS under the command of Col. Richard PARKER of the 1st Virginia Regiment; served there until the Spring of 1779 (29 FEB 1779) when he was discharged at Middlebrook, New Jersey; in the battle of Monmouth; just prior to the siege of York he enlisted again for 18 months in Charles City; marched to Chesterfield Courthouse where he entered the company commanded by Capt. Joseph SCO’IT; remained about 3 weeks and taken into the family of Gen. MUHLENBURGH with whom he remained until the Christmas after the siege; discharged in Shenandoah County, Virginia; was in the Siege of York during this last enlistment; application supported by a certificate of Henry WILLS, “… and went with me to the north and served that term …”; John CRUTCHFIELD’s affidavit: “Thomas and this affiant marched out to the Valley Forge together” under Lt MINNIS’s command; they served in different regiments and were discharged together at Middlebrook. New Jersey. It also states that Henry WILLS was a sergeant in Capt MINNIS’s company. Thomas was renting the land which he farmed from Benjamin HARRISON and in his household were a woman aged 42 or 43 (Hannah Fields) and a 13-year-old girl. In 1818 he bought 140 acres. When he enlisted at the Chesterfield Courthouse in 1780 he was described as age 21