Applied for a pension in 1832 from Anderson District, South Carolina stating that he enlisted 01 OCT 1780 in Charles City at Sandy Point under Capt. David MINGE and John HARWOOD, First Lieutenant. in a battalion commanded by Maj. Henry ARMISTEAD for three months; they were stationed at Sandy Point to prevent the robbery of some vessels and were discharged on 22 DEC 1780; 01 JAN 1781 there was a two year draft taking place and Capt. John DUDLEY offered his services as a volunteer Capt. for some of the draftees; thirty-one of us turned out for the term of two years; we rendezvoused at Charles City Courthouse and then took the oath under Capt. DUDLEY; we found our own clothing and the public found horses and all equipment for war; we then held an election for noncommissioned officers; said deponent was elected Orderly Sergeant to the corps and then joined a corps of horse commanded by Capt. John DAVENPORT from James City; in JAN 1781 ARNOLD came up the James River and landed at Westover and from thence marched to Richmond; Capt. John DUDLEY and Capt. John DAVENPORT, with Maj. DICKY infantry followed in the rear of his army up to Richmond; on his return to Westover we retreated down to Charles City Courthouse six miles below Westover; the night after ARNOLD arrived at Westover he made out a corps of horse commanded by SIMCOE and sent them to the courthouse about midnight and took us by surprise; dispersed the whole corps of horse; killed six of our men and took nine prisoners; we killed one of them; they retreated back to Westover that same night; they next day they all embarked on board of a vessel and sailed down the James River to Norfolk; the day after they sailed we gathered our corps of horse and was ordered by Col.. Benjamin HARRISON up to Richmond; from Richmond up to Point a fork where the armory was kept to guard that place; we continued there until Lord CORNWALLIS marched from Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina into Virginia; then our officers received orders from LAFAYETTE to remove from there to Newcastle on York River so that CORNWALLIS was not interrupted on his passage through New Kent and in James City at a place called Hot Water; a few days after stopped there Gen. WAYNE & Gen. MULENBURG joined LAFAYETTE at Newcastle and went to attack CORNWALLIS at Hot Water; we marched all night until the break of day; caught they with their guns all staked; captured field pieces; captured the bridles out of their horses mouths; we killed and wounded several of them; their army consisted of eight or ten thousand men; our army did not exceed twenty three or four hundred men; we lost some men; the action lasted two or two and a half hours; we then retreated to LAFAYETTE headquarters at Newcastle; Lord CORNWALLIS marched to old Jamestown on the James River and from thence to Williamsburg and from thence to Little York; Gen. WASHINGTON marched and took command on the right wing and ROCHAMBEAU he marched the French down to Little York and took command on the left wing; as well as I recollect on the 02 OCT 1781 the first gun was fired on Lord CORNWALLIS’ works; our infantry on the right; our horse on the back lines was commanded by Col.. WHITE and Maj. DICK on the right wing; the French horse on the left; Lord CORNWALLIS surrendered to WASHINGTON 19 OCT 1781; wife Sarah stated that they were married 23 MAY 1810 and that her husband died 01 NOV 1840.