Member of Charles City County Committee of Safety, organized 17 DEC 1774; filed a Legislative Petition as a resident of Monroe Co., VA in 1812 stating that he served 7 years during which time he defrayed his own expenses serving as Judge Advocate to the Regiment, Judge Advocate to the Brigade, as well as Pay-master to each, also bearing a Capt.’s commission in the Continental Army; land bounty warrant application states that he served in the 2nd Virginia Regiment for the whole war; he was entitled to 4889 acres for his services as a Capt. And that a warrant issued for one half in his own right and one half to Benjamin W. LADD, his assignee. A Lt. William ROYALL received a warrant for pay and rations as an officer of the 1st Virginia militia to the South on 30 May 1781. His widow Anne (NEWPORT) ROYALL petitioned congress stating that her husband “served during the whole period of the Revolutionary War. He went in a Captain with his own company can came out a Majore, for which he never received ONE CENT and bore his own expinses.” (Some times RYALL in the records.)