Member of Charles City County Committee of Safety, organized 17 DEC 1774; 18 MAY 1776 was appointed by the Continental Congress as Director and Chief Physician of the Hospital in Virginia in the Service of the Continent. He resigned this position on 21 OCT 1780 and later became Deputy Director of Hospitals for the Southern Department, resigning in 1781. A will for Wm. RICKMAN was written 03 JAN 1791 and probated 17 NOV 1791. His second wife, Elizabeth HARRISON (1751-1791) was the eldest daughter of Benjamin HARRISON of “Berkeley.” He is buried at “Kittewan.” In 1784 his widow was awarded 6666 2/3 acres of land for his service as a Colonel of the Continental line. She later married John EDMONDSON and lived at “Milford” In her will, 03 MAY 1790; 20 JAN 1791, she requested to be buried beside Mr. RICKMAN and the cemetery enclosed within a brick wall.