Member of militia company formed 21 NOV 1776; Charles City Militia Book, Nov. 1776, Library of Virginia Archives. Pension application states that he enlisted in 1776 in Capt. DUDLEY’s company of the 6th Virginia Regiment and served until NOV when he enlisted in a militia unit under the command of Major John HARDYMAN; was in the battles of Guilford Courthouse and the Siege of Little York; listed his family as wife Elizabeth, aged 51 years and confined to bed for two years, three daughters aged 25, 23, and 18, and a son 12 years old and very sickly. affidavit of Rebecca BLANKS states that Mrs. PHILLIPS is her half sister, brother Henry PHILLIPS gave an affidavit stating that at the start of the war their mother was very unwell and Henry sought unsuccessfully to gain William’s release from service on that ground; later when William returned to Williamsburg Henry went to town and substituted for William on the Hay boats under Capt. Wm. ROANE so as to afford William an opportunity to visit their mother