Lt. John BELL advertised in the Virginia Gazette and offered a twenty dollar reward for the return of Jesse NEW, who had deserted from the 6th Virginia Regiment at Fredericksburg on its march to the northward; NEW was described as “a slender made fellow, about 20 years old, about 5 feet 9 inches high, of a fair complexion, with sandy coloured hair, and a freckled face.” A Private Jesse NEW served at Valley Forge in the 6th VA Regiment, Capt. John Hockaday’s Company. He is listed as “Fit for Duty” in April and May 1778 and “On Command” in June 1778. Additional Remarks: First borne on Roll for April, 1778 (having previously deserted) June 1778, On Command. Hobson’s Roll Remarks: Left in Virginia.’, ‘Virginia Gazette [Purdie]