Applied for a pension in 1818, stating that he enlisted in Charles City Co in 1779, taking the oath of a soldier before William CHRISTIAN, a Justice of the Peace. He was then marched to Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. He and others were ordered back to Petersburg where he was enrolled in Capt. TALIAFERRO’s company and was marched south and joined the 1st Virginia detachment under the command of Col. PARKER He continued with that corps until July 1781. He was discharged from service at Jamestown. He was in the Sieges of Savannah and Charleston. At Charleston he was taken prisoner and detained for 16 months. John BOWRY, Sr. made an affidavit stating that JOHNSON had enlisted in the time of the Revolutionary War as a soldier. Isham WHITTalso made an affidavit stating that Johnson enlisted in 1779, marched to Blue Ball then carried South and taken prisoner at the siege of Charleston. Died by 12 OCT 1843 when widow, Elizabeth applied for pension.