Filed pension applications stating that he was 57 in 1820 and had enlisted in 1776 under Capt. ROSE in the 6th Virginia; that he was in the battles of Monmouth. Stoney Point, and the Siege of Charleston where he was taken prisoner and held until he was exchanged at Philadelphia. Affidavits of Edmund BINNS, Richard WADELL, and Samuel LEONARD attested to his service. He stated that he was a farmer by occupation and his family consisted of a wife, aged 58, a daughter aged 17, and two sons over age 21. Charles City Court determined based on the testimony of John BOWRY and Edmund BINNS that Joseph. HILLIARD enlisted under Lt. Collier COCKE in 1776 on the Virginia line for three years and after being discharged enlisted under Capt. STOKES and continued till the end of the war; died before 16 JUN 1836 when he was certified in court as having served in the Virginia Continental Line; died intestate; certified as only heirs at law: wife (Francis M.) and 2 children; Benjamin Hll.LIARD and Sarah MOUNTCASTLE. On 16 FEB 1826, administration of the estate of a Joseph HILLIARD was granted to Benjamin HARRIS.