Born 1726; March 1773, appointed to Virginia committee of the inter-colonial Committees of Correspondence; Chairman of Committee as a Whole, read the draft of the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress for their consideration 1774; signer of the Declaration of Independence. Chairman of Charles City County Committee of Safety, organized 17 DEC 1774; member of the House of Burgesses convention, 20-27 MAR 1775; represented county at Virginia Convention MAY 1776; elected as delegate to the First Continental Congress, continuing as member until 1777; MAY 1778 to NOV 1781 served as Speaker of the House of Delegates; governor of Virginia NOV 1781 to NOV 1784; A marker at his burial place at “Berkeley” gives birth date 13 DEC 1730 and death date 24 APR 1791 and his wife Elizabeth born 1730 and died 1792.