In his 60s he applied for a pension stating that he enlisted in Charles City County in February of 1778 and was stationed in Williamsburg for several months; then marched to Valley Forge under command of Capt. Callohill MINNIS and soon entered the company commanded by Capt. Tarlton PAINE under command of Col. Richard PARKER of the 1st Virginia Regiment; served until 04 FEB 1779 when discharged at Middlebrook, New Jersey; was in the battles of Monmouth and Red Bank Fort; waived his claim as an officer; owned little property and could not raise enough to serve himself; dependents were his wife (over age 58, old and sickly) and a 5-year-old grandchild. Died ca MAR 1834 when his will was recorded. There are two James HARRIS’s who served at Valley Forge in the 11th VA (Private) and the 15th VA (Lieutenant). It is unclear if either of these is this man.