Apparently a resident of York County at the time of the war and perhaps for all of his life, but his heirs filed claims from Charles City; Cornet of Cavalry in the Virginia State Line; Lt. Col. Cha. DABNEY certified that Cornet GRAVES was in the service of the state from AUG 1779 to the date hereof; J. NELSON, late commandant, State Cavalry, certified that Ralph GRAVES was appointed an officer in the corps of state cavalry under his command in 1776 and served until a little before the Siege of Yorktown in 1781. William SOUTHALL of Williamsburg stated that he saw GRAVES while in service bearing colors; that when TARLETON was in this part of the country he made frequent efforts to catch Ralph GRAVES who was said to be the best horseman in this part of the world and would ride in sight of the British troops when he pleased. He rode an excellent horse that ran very fast and was called Black and All Black. GRAVES died in 1795 and his daughter Letitia married John M. GREGORY and had children John M. GREGORY, Letitia P. GREGORY (wife of William P. WARE) and William R. GREGORY.