An officer on the Virginia State line according to the declaration of William EDLOW, a nephew, who stated that according to family oral tradition EDMONDSON fought a duel with a brother officer named HOLMES (Isaac) and killed him and was advised by some friend to leave the army for fear of arrest; he did so, but on reflection he returned to duty and rejoined his regiment; he died before 20 APR 1837 when he was certified in court as a Revolutionary War Soldier; died intestate with no children; sister, Elizabeth married Henry EDLOW. Benjamin EDMUNDSON was buried in 1793 at Weyanoke. He was the second husband of Margaret W. HARWOOD, widow of Samuel HARWOOD. She died in April of 1794. An Ensign Benjamin EDMONDSON served at Valley Forge in the 2nd VAST, 1st VA Brigade. He is shown as “Fit for Duty” in May and June 1778. Additional Remarks: Rolls of regiment commence 3/15/1778. This is probably the same Benjamin EDMONDSON.