1st Lt. and Capt. of 2nd State Regiment of State Militia; certified in court an officer of the Virginia Line; Land Bounty Warrant Application mentions distributees as Collier and John CARTER; and includes the affidavit of Mrs. Sarah CREIGHTON, a neighbor, who states that when DUDLEY was away from the County in service and the enemy came to his neighborhood they burned his house; died ca. 1781/2, intestate in Charles City County; mentioned were sister, Sarah (married Wm. SOUTHALL) and nieces Sally T. and Elizabeth (widow of John WILSON); John G. CARTER and Lutilda L., his wife, formerly SOUTHALL (dau. of Philip SOUTHALL, a nephew of Capt. John DUDLEY) rec’d a warrant for 333 1/3 acres, representing one-third of one-fourth of his land (4,000) acres. 1st. Leut. John Dudley served at Valley Forge in the 2nd VAST, 1st VA Brigade. He is shown as “Fit for Duty” in Apr., May, and Jun. 1778. Additional Remarks: Rolls of Regiment commence 3/15/1778.