Enlisted at Chesterfield Courthouse in 1780 and described as 18 years old, 5?6 ½ ” tall, light brown hair, hazel eyes, swarthy complexion, born in and a resident of Charles City County; enlisted 12 SEP 1780 for 18 months. Filed pension applications in 1818 and 1820 and described his service: enlisted in or about June or July 1778 in Charles City County for an 18 month term; at Chesterfield Courthouse he entered the company commanded by Capt. Joseph SCOTT under the command of Col. Samuel HAWES of the 2nd Virginia Regiment; was detached to the South to join Gen. GREEN; after serving there Capt. SCOTT resigned or was otherwise absent and Capt. John BARBER took command; was in the battles of Guilford Courthouse, Camden, ’96 and Eutaw Springs; family included a wife, age 59 (always unwell), a full grown son (who supports himself), and two grown self-supporting daughters; daughters cloth themselves and the rest of the family at the wheel and loom. The will of a William DAY was written 29 JAN 1837 and proved 15 MAR 1838. He died 29 APR 1837. One William DAY was a member of the Militia Company for which pay warrants were issued 17 APR 1781. There are a number William DAY’s who served at Valley Forge in the 1st VA Brigade and 1st ARTY. One of them may be this William DAY.’, ‘”Chesterfield Supplement” or “Size Roll of Troops Joined at Chesterfield Courthouse since 01 September 1780