Entered the service of the United States in December of 1777 and was marched to Valley Forge under the command of Lt. Holman MINNIS whereupon he joined the 10th Virginia Regiment in a company commanded by Capt. Peter JONES; was in the Battle of Monmouth; aged 62 when applied for pension in 1818; a bricklayer by profession, but unable to work due to old age; his family consisted of a wife, aged 56 who could only get about on crutches and a Negro man David who was 56 or 57; in his supporting affidavit to the pension application of William THOMAS, he stated they marched to Valley Forge together. The Hon. George L. CHRISTIAN mentioned “an old man, by the name of CRUTCHFIELD, died at New Hope and was buried in the strip of woods between “Belair” house and the gate, which we ever thereafter called the “Soldiers’ Burying Ground. There is a John CRUTCHFIELD shown as serving at Valley Forge in the 14th VA. He was “Drafted” on Feb. 12, 1778. Possibly the same John CRUTCHFIELD.