Land Bounty Warrant application filed by heirs contains several colorful affidavits describing his military service in the 6th Virginia Regiment. James BULLIFANT said that he had served with CHRISTIAN and fought with him in the battles of Trenton, Princeton, Germantown, Brandywine and the long Siege of Mud Island Fort; that he was a “brave and valiant soldier.” Wyatt WALKER stated that CHRISTIAN was his near neighbor and his fame as a soldier was proverbial; that when old wartime comrades were together they would discuss his “important services in the momentous Battles of Trenton, Princeton, Germantown, Brandywine, Red Bank, Mud Island and Yorktown where he acted in the character of a Lt. ” His singular bravery was demonstrated by one incident when he was home on furlough. He was staying in New Kent in the neighborhood of his brother-in-law, Jacob PARKINSON. Two British soldiers went to PARKINSON’s house and commenced plundering. A daughter ran screaming to the house where CHRISTIAN was staying. CHRISTIAN tried to persuade his comrades to join him in attacking the soldiers, but they refused. He cut a hickory club and with that alone hurried to his sister’s home. When he arrived one of the soldiers was holding a scrub brush over her head and threatening to strike unless she divulged the whereabouts of her money and other goods. CHRISTIAN beat off both armed soldiers and captured one. William LADD testified that CHRISTIAN was “one of the most faithful soldiers of the Revolution.” CHRISTIAN was born 04 SEP 1757 and died 10 APR 1825 at age of 68. He was known as “Fighting Joe Christian? and was buried at his home