Son of William BYRD III, who earned his father’s displeasure by resigning from the Royal Navy. His widow, Mrs. Ursula Anna Munford BYRD, stated that her husband was appointed a cadet by the Convention of Delegates held in Richmond 17 JUL 1775; he served as aide de camp to Gen. LEE during the campaigns of 1775 and 1776 and later as a Lt. Col. of cavalry; she thought he resigned his commission in the fall of the year after they were married in 1781; he received 6,000 acres of land; her husband first settled in Charles City County where he was High Sheriff, then moved to Norfolk was he was Collector of the Port until his death in SEP 1800. Lt. Colonel Otway Byrd shown as having served at Valley Forge in the 3rd VA. Additional remarks: Records indicate this unit at VF at this time but, individuals records are not available.