Applied for pension stating he had enlisted for 18 month term in Fall of 1789, under Capt. Wm. G. MUNFORD at Charles City Courthouse; then to Chesterfield Courthouse with other recruits by Capt. Stith HARDYMAN and mustered in the company commanded by Capt. SANSFORD in the regiment under the command of Col. CAMPBELL in the Line of Virginia; served until the expiration of his term when he was discharged at the Round 0 in the state of South Carolina; was in battles of Guilford, the Siege of 96 and Eutaw Springs, when the commander of the regiment, Col. CAMPBELL was killed and Col. WASHINGTON of the Cavalry was made prisoner, Peter LADD supported by certificate the pension application; BROWN’s dependents: wife, Sarah (old & infirm); Micajah (disabled son, aged about 20); Sally Ann (daughter, aged about 21, with 4 year old infant); he served in the 5th, 11th & 15th Regiments and was a sergeant by rank; when he enlisted at the Chesterfield Courthouse in 1780 he was described as 18 years old, 5′ 2 ½ ” tall